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I started this "challenge" two weeks ago, so I'm going to go over those two weeks now. I can't believe the money I've saved already! We used to spend approximately $100 - $150 A WEEK! we're saving an average of % per week now!

I always go shopping on Saturdays, so my weeks will be Sunday to Saturday.

Week of  Feb. 15, 2009
I shopped at Wal*Mart, which always had good deals for groceries. I spent a total of 36.43!!

Meatless Monday: Breaded Fish Sandwiches and oven fries
Shopping List & Price Paid:
Frozen Fish Fillets:              3.98
Burger buns:                        1.18
Frozen french fries:              2.28
Tartar sauce:                        1.38
Total for meal:                     8.82

Make fish fillets as directed; put tartar sauce on buns and enjoy!

I’m not a big fish fan, and I had only had tartar sauce once before. But surprisingly, these were quite good. I got herb and garlic fillets, and they were great with the tartar sauce.

Tuesday: Quesadillas with leftover brisket from Sunday, spinach salad
Shopping list and price paid:
Flour tortillas:                  1.78
Shredded cheese:            2.12
Organic baby spinach:     2.50
I already had salad dressing, dried cranberries and croutons
Total for meal:                6.40

Put cheese and brisket between flour tortillas and pan fry until cheese melts.

I made a total of four quesadillas, but they were all different variations. In one I did the recipe above, in another I did that but added Pico de gallo to it, in another I did just cheese and pico de gallo and the last one was just cheese. So we had a nice platter of different quesadillas to choose from. It was fantastic!

Wednesday: Broiled Turkey Sausages and steamed potatoes
Shopping list and price paid:
Turkey sausages:          2.98
Honey mustard:            1.50
I already had potatoes.
Total for meal:              4.48

Coat turkey sausages in mustard, put under broiler for a few minutes.

This was such an easy meal, and also tasty. The turkey sausage I purchased had cheese inside of it which added an extra flavor, and it was good.

Thursday: Baked Ziti and Spinach Salad
Shopping list and price paid:
Ziti;                                1.00
Shredded Parmesan:     2.48
Pasta sauce:                   1.33
Left over cheese from Tuesday
Left over Spinach salad from Tuesday (They’re pretty big packages)
Total for meal:              4.88

This meal was quite good. I did add some El Pato sauce which made it a little spicy, and it was fantastic!
Cost for El Pato:         0.46

Friday: Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwiches
Shopping list and price paid:
Ham - lunch meat -      2.50
Sliced cheese:              2.98  (You can find this cheaper, I just like Velveeta)
Bread:                         1.23
Total for meal:             6.71

Just a standard grilled cheese sandwiches.

We weren’t particularly interested in Eggs in Tomato Sauce, so we opted to order pizza this night!

Please let me know if you don't like the format this is in, or if there is more information needed. Any feedback is great!!!


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